Embedded electronics

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Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator

 Description: Features:1.Intelligent power display panel, tap the trigger switch to displa..

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MQ-6 Gas Detector Module Sensors

Description :Sensitive material MQ-6 gas sensor is used to clean the air in the lower conductivity o..

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1.5A Mini Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Module L298N PWM Speed Controller

Mini L298N Motor Driver InfoIdeal for motorized drive modules, battery powered smart cars, toy cars,..

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DescriptionThis is an adapter assembly that converts 2×5 pin connector to 2×3 pin mini-ICSP. Comes w..

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140pcs U Shape Solderless Breadboard Jumper Cable

140 quality jumper cableColor: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, brown, white.(please ..

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2-Channel 3W PAM8403 Audio Amplifier Board

The Mini Digital Power Amplifiers 3W Dual Track Red PAM8403 provides Class AB power amplifier perfor..

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3 Channel Infrared Line Tracking

5V 3 Channel Infrared Line Track Tracking Tracker Sensor Module For Arduino AVR ARM PIC Product..

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3.3V 5V TXS0108E 8 Channel Logic Level Converter Convert TTL Bi-Directional Mutual Convert

CJMCU TXS0108E High Speed Full Duplex 8 Way Level Conversion ModuleFeature:Provide two-way communica..

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37 in 1 sensor kit

Quick Specs1 x Small passive buzzer module KY-0061 x 2-color LED module KY-0111 x Hit sensor module ..

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4.8v Mini Spark Gap Ignitor Igniter

These transformers are capable of creating spark gaps up to about half-an-inch. They work really wel..

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40pcs Breadboard Jumper Wire Cable for Arduino Dupont 10cm

Product descriptionProduct Specification 100% brand new and high quality. Quantity: 40pcs/lot (A row..

80Rs Ex Tax: 80Rs

40pcs Breadboard Jumper Wire Cable for Arduino Dupont 20cm

Product descriptionProduct Specification 100% brand new and high quality. Quantity: 40pcs/lot (A row..

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4S 30A High Current Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Protection Board

Description:1. The module name: 4 string lithium battery protection board2. The modular nature: poly..

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5 Way Flame Sensor Module Digital Analog Output Fire extinguisher Robot Arduino

5-Channel Flame Sensor Module Info5-Channel Flame Sensor Module is a 5 channel flame detector m..

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50Kg Body Load Cell Weighing Sensor Resistance strain Half-bridge

Specification:Size: 34mmX34mmInternal 1000 Ohm half-bridge strain gauge load cell, range is 50kg, ha..

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Features:  1.Onboard precision micro current transformer2.High precision op-amp circuit bo..

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5V Micro USB Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44 USB Tiny ISP Programmer For Arduino Bootloader

Description: USBtinyISP is designed for AVR ,based on USB connector's ISP downloader.Officially..

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5x4 Key Membrane Switch Control Panel Pad Matrix Keypad

The keypad is a 5x4 matrix crosspoint switch and can be directly interfaced to Serial LCD controller..

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A38 Touch Sensor Module For Arduino

FeaturesFirst, the dimensions: length 45mmX high 5mm wide 18mmXTwo main components : the op amp , tr..

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